We are medical oncology billing experts and radiation oncology billing experts.

We can help you solve your oncology billing problems.

Stop spinning your wheels! Get started with a revenue cycle assessment from Oncology Convergence.

Oncology Convergence, Inc. provides oncology billing services, oncology pre-authorization services, revenue cycle assessments and oncology revenue review.

We help oncology practices thrive by improving their bottom line. We work as your partner to increase efficiency, reclaim mis-billed charges and eliminate future mistakes.

Get a true look inside your oncology revenue cycle by completing a revenue cycle assessment with Oncology Convergence, Inc. We take a deep dive into the operational, clinical and financial performance of your practice using 12 months of data and dozens of infusion charts per oncologist. The result of the assessment is that you will have a complete picture of your revenue cycle and ways to improve it.

After the completion of your revenue cycle assessment, we’ll provide a comprehensive plan and roadmap to improvement. We can also offer our proprietary Oncology Revenue Review during which we will prepare and re-submit any un-billed charges that we find. In many cases, O.R.R. will pay for the entire process!

The Best Oncology Billing Service for Your Practice

We take the responsibility of correct billing off of your plate.

You can concentrate on healing. We’ll handle your billing.

Far too often, oncology billing is left to nurses (who would rather be caring for patients) or the front line employees who turn over the most. This leads to lower job satisfaction for some of your highest paid employees or your lowest paid, least trained workers handling your most expensive drugs. Oncology billing is complex and the mistakes are costly.

Oncology Convergence’s specialized billers and coders work with you and your patients to make the billing process easy. We are experts who know the ins and outs of every aspect of medical oncology and radiation oncology billing so you don’t have to.