Revenue Recovery

OCI’s proprietary Oncology Revenue Recovery™ service provides:

  • Identification of unbilled charges
  • Identification of mis-billed units (Over/Under)
  • Identification of bundled services
  • Identification of process breakdowns

Somewhere along the way every practice for which OCI has performed Revenue Recovery services has experienced considerable under- or over-payments with their insurance providers.

OCI’s painstaking work in discovering and verifying data anomalies is converted to a turnkey product for the sake of busy oncology practices.  Simply preparing and presenting the data is only half the process.  Gathering and duplicating all the necessary documents in order to submit them for payment is just as time-consuming.  OCI performs that labor for you.

Additionally, OCI’s work carries no upfront costs; we work on a risk-free contingency basis, so it is to our benefit as much as it is to yours to ensure that all appropriate claims are organized and prepared in a timely manner to maximize return.  For that reason, we are motivated to make sure that we uncover all revenue opportunities and complete all details necessary to achieve that goal.

In addition to maximizing profits, Oncology Revenue Recovery™ aids your organization in attaining compliance with changing insurance regulations.  Simply continuing processes and submitting claims the way it used to be done is often following incorrect procedures today.  It is possible to have a profitable oncology practice while still being compliant.  Finally, it is to your benefit to discover where your organization has been overpaid before RAC auditors do it for you.  Should they find those errors, repayment and fines may be in your future.  For more information on RAC audits, you may want to view the CMS website RAC presentation (

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