Outsourced Medical Billing

Medical Oncology Coding - Outsourced Medical Billing

Oncology Convergence Inc. Medical Oncology Coding and Outsourced Medical Billing.

Eliminate risk to your revenue with outsourced medical billing services.

Outsourced Medical Billing

Oncology Convergence not only provides oncology billing but also provides medical billing and coding solutions for traditional medical practices and specialty medical practices.

We are medical billing specialists who help medical practices solve medical revenue cycle problems. We help your practice increase your profitability and retain more net revenue.

Our medical billing and coding specialists are well versed in handling complex claims from claim preauthorization to denials and appeals management. We are especially great at specialty medical practice billing for any field which has an infusion element and more complex medical billing problems.

Specialty Medical Practice Billers and Coders

Our medical billing services are provided by a team of specialists who have the highest levels of expertise in the billing environment for both hospital based and free standing practices. As a result, your worries about revenue capture, staffing, and detailed patient follow up are eliminated.

Reliable and Professional Medical Billers and Coders

We take pride in knowing that we can improve the financial health of your practice. As a result, you are able to concentrate on the health of your patients. Our team understands and enjoys the oncology billing process. We care about your success and constantly work to improve your bottom line. We know that the best way to help is to provide accurate and timely filing of claims and to provide appropriate follow up.

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