Oncology Revenue Cycle Audit

Oncology Medical Billing Consultants

Oncology Revenue Cycle Audits Increase Profitability

Oncology Revenue Cycle Audits Prevent Problems

Oncology Revenue Cycle Audits can decrease RAC audit risk and increase profitability. In contrast, a RAC audit can devastate your practice if you’re not prepared. Therefore, both free standing and hospital based oncology practices can benefit from Revenue Cycle Audits. At OCI, we eliminate the threat of a devastating RAC. OCI’s Oncology Revenue Cycle Audit gives you a clear path to efficiency and profitability. Constant changes from CMS and the associated RAC audit can wreak havoc on your practice, people and processes.

First of all, we find, solve and eliminate problems before CMS and the insurers do! Secondly, we prepare your billing office for tomorrow with our proprietary processes and algorithms. Most importantly, a Revenue Cycle Audit from OCI keeps you ahead of the curve. In the end, we anticipate how each change could affect your processes, people and bottom line.

We Bring Oncology Revenue Cycle Solutions

Every rule change causes confusion. Confusion leads to mistakes and mistakes lead to lost revenue. Because there’s too much at stake, you can’t leave it to chance or make your “best guess.” We are experts who have solved the problems you are facing today!

Similarly, if your billing processes have not been updated in recent years, you may be seeing over/underpayments. As a result, this can cause lost profits. Another result could be fines after a RAC audit. If any of these sound familiar, your practice will benefit from an oncology revenue cycle audit.

Our Revenue Cycle Audit Helps Before It Hurts!

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is working hard to find your mistakes. We help you find (and correct) them before they do! Northrop Grumman, Verizon and other “rocket scientists” are developing “smart” systems to edit Medicare and Medicaid claims.

Another example is Wellpoint. This private insurer is engaging IBM’s “Watson” super computer to review claims. For these reasons, it’s a good bet that you’ll see more of this type of activity in the future. Consequently, your practice could be in trouble if you don’t know what your data says.

We Find, Fix and Fund

OCI’s Oncology Revenue Cycle Audits offer great attention to detail. In addition to fully analyzing your charts’ data, they provide the baseline for better processes and and solutions.

We go above and beyond a typical audit.

  • Our proprietary software finds all possible missed charges.
  • Each missed charge is reviewed for compliance verification.
  • All of your charts are examined, not just a sample of 10-20 of them.
  • Data analysis leads to process changes.
  • We prepare reports of all your organization’s over- and under-payments.
  • You and your team can take action on the over and under payment report.
  • We provide a comprehensive road map to eliminate mistakes.
  • You receive a process map to capture lost charges and repay over payments.
  • You have a plan to recover under-payments and/or repay over-payments – before the RAC auditors find them!


The Smart Truth About Efficiency

We get you in front of problems! RAC audits are no longer a question of if you will be audited, but when? We empower and prepare you to thrive in today’s ever changing world. Our results can be immediate and emphasize efficiency and long range success.

We work to find the simplest and best solutions to your problems. Additionally,  we help you implement processes that eliminate future problems and increase profitability. Finally, you’ll rest easier knowing that a RAC audit won’t ruin you.