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People + Process + Technology

OCI helps you find smart solutions for your revenue cycle and billing issues at the convergence of people, process and technology. As a result, we have the tools to help you and your oncology practice thrive. Most of our clients outsource their oncology billing and revenue cycle management to us. We focus on simplifying and improving oncology billing and reimbursement for them. Although oncology revenue cycle management is not ‘typical’ medical billing, we provide solutions that make sense. These solutions include process improvements and technology implementations that increase revenue capture.

Revenue Cycle Audits

A great way to begin a relationship with us is through a revenue cycle audit. Revenue cycle audits help us gain a full understanding of the issues facing the individual practice. We analyze every process from patient intake to insurance payment. Perhaps most importantly, we find profit leaks using our proprietary software and then provide the option to resubmit the charges. As every milestone is achieved, we build a plan, implement solutions, and eliminate future problems.

Passion and Expertise

OCI combines passion and expertise to empower oncology practices to maximize profits. We believe that this can be done without sacrificing patient care, time or compliance. We are passionate about our work and work hard to bring the best possible service and solutions to our clients. For that reason, whether you are a long time client or are contacting us to perform and oncology revenue cycle management audit, we feel that our passion for your practice will  shine through!

Decades of Experience

Our revenue cycle management experts, oncology billing staff and our oncology consultants bring deep experience to your business problems. For example, they have an average of 15 years of experience in a variety of disciplines. Some examples are Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Gynecologic Oncology, Pediatric Oncology, Clinical Research and Diagnostic Imaging. As a result, we are very confident in our ability to work closely with you to identify and eliminate potential issues that you are encountering in your oncology revenue cycle.

Security and Quality

We take quality and security seriously. Because of that, we are proud to have received our SSAE16 level one certification. As a result, we are one of the only oncology revenue cycle management and oncology billing companies to meet this standard.

Our revenue cycle audit software and experience makes us the company of choice for both free standing and hospital based oncology practices. Lastly, our broad experience installing electronic health record software means that the solution we implement is well thought out and a great return on your investment.

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