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What is FHIR? The eventual answer to healthcare interoperability | CIO

Source: www.cio.com

The future begins to peek its head out after 15 years?

VA’s Long-awaited electronic health record solution hits major milestone – VAntage Point

Source: www.blogs.va.gov

“When the new EHR completes implementation, it will replace the 130 plus instances of the current VistA system in a streamlined solution that also powers DoD’s Military Health System (MHS GENESIS).”

When A Doctor’s Screen Time Detracts From Face Time With Patients | HealthLeaders Media

Source: www.healthleadersmedia.com

Bedside manner for the 21st Century: “Computer Side Manner”

“When the computer is not used well, often it can make that patient less likely to go back to that physician…”

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Big data, from computer models to clinic, is focus of conference | News Center | Stanford Medicine

Source: med.stanford.edu

“What if you could track your breathing, steps and even pulse without a single piece of technology touching you? “This is exactly what I’ve been doing in my lab at MIT.”

CAR T therapy turns patient’s T-cells into cancer killers – The Daily Memphian

Source: dailymemphian.com

Very encouraging: ““This innovation of therapy is just amazing. I think it’s going to be the future for every kind of cancer, not only for lymphoma.” ”

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