340B Hospital Billing

340B hospital billing from Oncology Convergence helps hospitals realize the financial benefits of the 340B program.

340B hospital billing is highly beneficial to a hospital but also very complex. The benefits of the 340B program can be very high so make sure that you have the right medical billing partner to help you navigate the complexities. When you add medical oncology billing and radiation oncology billing to the mix, the potential problems are compounded immensely.

Oncology Convergence is able to help hospitals solve the medical billing problems that arise when participating in the 340B program and maximize the benefits that the program provides. We are able to help streamline your processes and make sense of the program. We help you work with payers to make sure that claims are submitted properly and that the reimbursements are handled in the correct manner. The result of our experience working with hospitals in the 340B environment is that you get your claims submitted correctly and paid in a timely manner. Even more, we get your revenue in the door.

For rural and community hospitals, 340B can be an essential part of financial fitness and fiscal viability. When every penny counts, you cannot afford to leave your billing and coding to anyone other than a trained specialist who knows the proper way to file and submit claims and will also follow up until the claim is paid.

Many hospitals choose to let us conduct an Oncology Revenue Review (ORR) to evaluate the state of their billing and collections as both a way to get to know us and also recover incorrectly billed charges. This process allows the hospital to find and fix billing issues.

If you are a hospital that is looking for a partner to help with their 340B billing, reach out to Oncology Convergence to be your outsourced medical billing partner.

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340B Billing

Capture every dollar of your 340B claims.