The Tool for Oncology Management

The rising cost of cancer care is hitting patients and practices throughout the country.  It’s now more important than ever to financially counsel patients to help them deal with the rising costs and keep your practice financially sound.  At Oncology Convergence, Inc. we have developed a tool that helps you do that and more.  We are proud to present OncoAdviser.  OncoAdviser can help you:

Access insurance billing and coding guidelines
Develop cost of treatments for patients
Crosswalk ICD9 codes to ICD10
Analyze the profit and loss of a patient’s treatment/regimen
Access patient education tools
Provide a web portal for patients or staff to track symptoms and side effects
Access pharmaceutical assistance programs
Track dispensed medications
Reference drug information such as NDC’s, dosing guidelines and related information

If you are already providing these services to your patients we can make you 75% more efficient and if you don’t, we can help you get started on a path of increased efficiency and profitability.

Please CONTACT OCI today to learn more about OncoAdviser.