Oncology Billing

Oncology Billing Service

Insurance reimbursement in the oncology market, particularly with regard to Medicare, has become a very complicated process in the past few years.

The cost shifting to the cancer patient has made the payment process even harder and puts more of an emphasis on up front financial management of the patient and oncology billing process. OCI’s staff is experienced with the back end process of getting the claims and statements out the door in addition to vast experience in all aspects of:

  • Insurance Verification
  • Service Authorizations
  • Patient Financial Counseling
  • Drug Replacement
  • Co-pay/Co-insurance Assistance Enrollment

OCI’s professionals have many years experience in oncology billing and oncology revenue cycle management.  We understand how to guide a practice to the highest revenue results.  With our experience and knowledge, we can better advise our revenue management clients than a typical back end billing company can.  With regular reports and a real-time client portal with up-to-date data, your organization is never left wondering about when a claim has been processed and paid.

OCI actively manages practices that include radiation oncology, medical oncology, gynecologic oncology as well as diagnostic imaging services.  Our staff has experience with almost every other medical specialty, which allows us to function well with multi-specialty groups and hospitals.  Our practices are located in multiple Medicare/state jurisdictions and include clients that vary from small single specialty offices to large multi-specialty academic medical centers. Our clients also work with a varied mix of providers such as physician assistants, naturopaths, nurse practitioners, social workers, genetic counselors, etc.

For more information on how OCI’s Revenue Management service provides more than simply oncology billing, or if you would like a quote, please CONTACT US.