Radiation Oncology Billing

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Outsource your radiation oncology billing to the experts at Oncology Convergence.

Outsourced Radiation Oncology Billing

Radiation Oncology Billing at the convergence of People + Process + Technology

Make our expertise a part of your skillset!

Our People + Process + Technology are what makes radiation oncology billing and radiation oncology coding from Oncology Convergence such a valuable part of your team. Whether you are a hospital based or free-standing radiation oncology practice, we can solve the problems you are facing and help your practice attain the highest efficiencies and profits in the industry. We know that as members of your team, you expect your oncology billing provider to eliminate mistakes and increase profitability. We do that by being experts in the field of oncology billing services for both medical and radiation oncologists. We come to your door as a fully integrated and turn key solution that is responsible for each claim from capture to denial follow up – so that you don’t have to worry about it! Obtaining the proper reimbursement for your most expensive drugs shouldn’t be the responsibility of your lowest paid and highest turnover employees! We provide seamless integration with your processes so that all that you can rest assured that our expert oncology billers and coders are working with you and your customers.

Specialized Radiation Oncology Billers

Today’s world is a specialist’s world. As your oncology practice consultants, we eat, sleep and drink oncology billing. We deal with oncology billing all day every day and know the ins and outs of virtually any situation that can occur. We have the experience and track record to help you make the transition from your internal billing systems to a partnership with OCI as painless as possible.

Radiation Oncology Coding Specialists

Your oncology revenue cycle begins and ends with radiation oncology coding specialists. As your trusted partner, Oncology Convergence takes the worry of lost or improperly billed charges off of your plate and deposits them into your bank account! To learn more about Oncology Convergence’s radiation oncology billing and revenue management services, contact us today! CONTACT US.

Link to CMS Guidelines: https://downloads.cms.gov/medicare-coverage-database/lcd_attachments/34652_13/L34652_RAD014_BCG.pdf