Are You Missing $250,000? Let’s Go Find It!

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Did you know that the average net revenue – cash to your bottom line – that we find using our proprietary Oncology Revenue Recovery software is $250,000? Use the link below to learn more!

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22 Things We Learned at Booth #22 at ACE 2022


Oncology Convergence, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the Association of Cancer Executives. One of the things we love about our sponsorship is interacting with the individuals and teams who are leading the fight against cancer. This year, we learned that the challenges being faced by hospitals and private practices are bigger than ever. Revenue from oncology is more important than ever.

A Plan For Healthcare’s Labor Shortage


The healthcare labor market is facing unprecedented projected shortages across a range of specialties and services. It’s imperative for the industry to place an emphasis on improving the working conditions for people in healthcare, in addition to advancing the technology they use.


Learn Where To Find $250,000!

As attendees at ACE told us and the article from Forbes above elaborates on, the Great Resignation/The Big Quit is placing extreme pressure on the health care system. As a leading provider of outsourced oncology billing and coding solutions, we invite you to take have a conversation to explore outsourcing your billing and coding. There are many great reasons for both hospitals and private oncology practices to outsource their billing and coding to Oncology Convergence.