Oncology Revenue Cycle Assessments

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Oncology Convergence, Inc can find, fix and fund your oncology revenue cycle problems.

Oncology Revenue Cycle Assessments = A Plan For Success!

Effective oncology revenue cycle management is at the heart of every profitable oncology practice. The team at Oncology Convergence can show you the way with an oncology revenue cycle assessment. Our deep oncology revenue cycle expertise can solve your oncology practice’s problems! Whether you’re having prior authorization problems or integrating an acquisition into your hospital…we have “been there, done that.”

Oncology Revenue Cycle Assessment – Find, Fix and Fund!

Our Oncology Revenue Cycle Assessments find, fix and fund your oncology billing and revenue cycle issues. OCI’s experienced people, best in class process and proprietary technology combine to bring the benefits of improved profitability and efficiency. A comprehensive assessment of your oncology service lines’ financial health will likely help you sleep better and also bring more profits.

We have worked with all types of oncology practices with a variety of problems. As a result, we have probably already solved the issues that you are encountering.

Oncology Revenue Recovery (ORR)™

Your road to a streamlined oncology revenue cycle begins with OCI’s Oncology Revenue Recovery (ORR) ™ software. We lead you beyond the 30 chart audit.

12 months of your billing data is analyzed and validated against 60 charts to eliminate false positives. The results from Oncology Revenue Recovery ™ provide OCI’s oncology revenue cycle consultants with powerful insights into potential revenue leakage and operational issues.

These insights enhance our onsite visits and provide significant and meaningful recommendations to improve your oncology billing revenue cycle. We positively impact the financial health of both hospital based and free standing oncology practices. OCI’s Oncology Revenue Cycle Audit gives you a clear path to efficiency and profitability!

Operational Assessment

One of the foundations of an oncology revenue cycle assessment is the operational assessment. This is an on-site evaluation of your operation. It consists of interviews and an in-depth review of your systems. We analyze your process flow and staffing levels. When we are done, we can provide informed recommendations based on best practices.

Clinical Assessment

Following the operational assessment of your oncology practice, the next stage of your revenue cycle assessment is the clinical assessment.

During the clinical assessment we work to maximize licensure, analyze performance and increase efficiency.

Financial Performance Assessment

The heart of the a revenue cycle assessment is the financial performance of your practice – after all, that’s probably why you called!

The financial assessment begins with a review of your financials. The goal of the review is to identify revenue opportunities. After that, we provide comprehensive analysis and then a plan to fix the underlying problems. Finally, we can implement the necessary solutions to fund your practice.

You will rest assured knowing that we left no stone unturned as we combed through 12 months of data, hundreds of infusion flow sheets per oncologist and provided best in class process mapping.

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