Oncology Coding

Oncology coding is the bedrock of your oncology practice. When done correctly, your practice is on the path to success. If there are mistakes, your oncology coding and billing is likely in need of attention.

Because oncology drugs are extremely expensive, it is recommended that each practice employ a dedicated oncology biller and coder. This is often not the case and the coding and billing is left in the hands of high turnover and low wage employees. These improperly coded charges can have a dramatic effect on the oncology revenue cycle.

Outsourced Oncology Coding

When a dedicated oncology biller is not possible or personnel, training and turnover are issues within your oncology billing department, outsourcing your billing and coding can be a very attractive option.

That’s where Oncology Convergence, Inc. can help. Whether you are in need of radiation oncology billing, medical oncology billing or both, we employ oncology focused billers and coders so that you don’t have to. This singular focus on oncology allows our coders to develop a high degree of expertise.

Coding For Radiation Oncology

A Coding Solution For Radiation Oncology.
Coding is a key part of the complete cycle of billing and coding for radiation oncology, but most practices don’t have the in-house resources to complete the task effectively. Without coding expertise and a strong working knowledge of how to correctly code for your specific payers, you run the risk of missing out on reimbursements, costing you time and money.

We offer radiation oncology coding company solutions from insurance verification and prior authorization to denial follow up and accounts receivable management.

Medical Oncology Coding Company

As your premier medical oncology coding company, Oncology Convergence, Inc. can handle all aspects of your medical oncology coding. We are not just another medical billing service, we offer our clients a total solution for their practice’s financial needs with customized revenue cycle management (RCM) programs. These programs consist of financial and administrative processes designed to help our clients succeed in today’s competitive healthcare environment by ensuring efficient and effective business operations.

Eliminate Oncology Revenue Cycle Mistakes

We often get calls when a billing and coding issue is discovered. In the hospital setting, it may be at the end of the first fiscal year after a new acquisition has been completed. In a freestanding oncology practice, it may be when a biller leaves for vacation or is replaced by a new employee. Discovering issues at one of these times often leads to or precipitates a crisis situation where cash flow is diminished or the viability of the business is at stake.

When you have outsourced oncology coding and billing from OCI, we won’t let that happen. You can take care of your patients, we’ll take care of your revenue cycle.

If you find that there is a crisis situation, we can help you eliminate the problem by using our proprietary Oncology Revenue Recovery software.