Bad Debt, the Profit Killer

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By Jim Musslewhite, President, Oncology Convergence, Inc

During the past several months, the tenor of the conversation in the oncology community has shifted, focusing on the economy and its impact to health care and oncology infusion. Several oncology practices have experienced an increase in uninsured and underinsured patients, meanwhile other practices have reported an increase in medical bankruptcy filings. Current economics aside, another unexpected increase in bad debt is due to some self-funded and county-funded insurance plans that are having an increasingly hard time paying their claims due to a lack of financial resources.

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About Jim Musslewhite

Jim Musslewhite, MBA, MSF - President & Chief Executive Officer Jim works every day to enhance the value that OCI brings to its clients and partners. With an undergraduate degree in engineering and graduate degrees in business and finance, he can quickly distill complex problems and provide sound solutions.Before acquiring the business that would become OCI, he worked as a construction engineer. He quickly grew that role to be the lead architect for the modernization of the entire business process and installation of software systems. After that experience, he soon found himself structuring acquisitions and turn arounds as a business process consultant at a L.B.O./turnaround firm.After forming Oncology Convergence, Inc. in 2006, he began applying those skills to his own business. He and his team quickly modernized the internal processes at OCI and began their long- standing emphasis on applying technology to business problems. This has fostered a full understand of how to properly integrate and optimize the technology used in oncology practices.Always moving forward, Jim and the team at OCI worked with UNM to modernize their oncology revenue cycle. OCI found that its intricate understanding of free-standing operations translates into true expertise when those practices are being folded into a hospital system.Outside of work, Jim enjoys playing hockey, skiing and spending time with his wife and two children.